Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Power of NOW !

Ini kali lah !

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you were the ONLY one out.Out of place and out of sync.

Being an ultimate Worrier with a big capital letter, I usually find myself drowned in sorrow despites the squeals of laughters around me...
And the tons or megatons of problems kept swirling in my mind when I should be enjoying the NOW moment.

Sometimes our mood spoiled the gaiety of the moment.

Recently I came across a powerful speech by a speaker on facebook and it struck me as....why dont I found this earlier.

Now ...I tried very much to embrace it.
So if I found myself going back to the problems,the difficulties of yesterdays I tried to come back to NOW.
So if I found myself worrying my head off for the future I pull myself to NOW.

I was watching a very entertaining programme on tv when my thoughts went astray to the days fill with bitterness.
Oooi makcik....the singer has a beautiful crooning voice.Enjoy it as your hearing is not guaranteed to be yours.It might not be yours forever.
The food the contestant whipped up could be the next meal.Why not pay attention.Your eyes might fail you next time.Your appetite might leave you ...

NOW... I have only the cats with me.Am so lonely
NOW loved one is in a quandary...when will all these end
NOW savings is thinning rapidly..when will I be rich

Shut up you!



  1. Isn't strange that you want to consentrate on NOW when I enjoy going back in time. But it is all the same. We have and prsent but the future does not belong to us.

  2. Al- Manar
    There are too bits and pieces from the past that I enjoy...but mostly were struggles which I would rather they be placed hidden somewhere.As of NOW ,they are matters that need attention and certain action where concentration should be placed.And for the future its HIM who knows best.