Thursday, January 31, 2013

la la la la

I dream a star
A shining star
It shines on me
And all beneath

And all the angels
Dancing merrily
And all the children
Singing happily

I dream a star
A shining star
la la la la la la la la.
( my try at writing lyrics)

Well how could I forget those dear moments I had with my pupils in SKRPB.Teaching KSSR classes of year 1 and 2 was absolute fun except for those few instances I lost my cool.Flipping through the text book of year 1 ,you could find songs .Songs which is suited to the topic being taught.Some songs I knew but some I know not.And I would serve the internet for the tune.

There were times when the class got bored to the maximum and a song saved the day.Ever heard of The Silly Pirate Song by Hugh Hartman.I was struggling to get  in the rhythm and tune and you know what....the boys and the girls got them right.Pronto.And funnily,its the children teaching poor mamason.And through that song,they learn funny sounds ....weey love those kids.

As a teacher baked and bred during those situational grammar approach,I know little of the sounds of the alphabets. A is not A as it used to be.So is B and the rest of the pack.This made me wanna cry aloud.Haaha,you are the teacher and you are as confused.So guess what.You tube saved me from my fall from grace..........

KSSR,PBS.....those two acronyms I had to tango as an aging MBMMBI contract teacher those two years.
And I loveeeeeeeeeeeed them except for those menacing JPN supervisors.Yerk.Ada ke tersilap tulis haribulan dia boleh komen berjela dalam kertas laporan dia.Mau saja aku peronyok kertas tu dan lempaq kat muka dia.Tapi makcik kan baik,tak adalah episode itu. hehe.


  1. Cikgu.....Marina pon darjah 1!!!!!! Dah dewasa!

    1. Tahniah Marina.Hope she does well in her class.jangan bagi apak pening kapala tau.
      Year 1 are sweet,innocent,gullible but sometimes TERRIBLE!haha