Friday, July 27, 2012

.bila orang gila kuasa jadi ketua.


It was the day when i was flinching in pain when the unfortunate happened.The organisation has been posted with a freshly hot steaming out of the oven adminstrator.

D day has been day one of his majestically imposed character in office and since then it was hell lot of a time for all the subordinates….

Not a piece of work and labour met his whims and fancies and satisfactions.

First day……. kelam kelam macam hutan ….regarding the grown up trees in the 56 hectares enclave.

2nd day…..awat itu awat ini …. without even going through the specs of agreement

3rd day….. i withhold your payment if you dont comply which made the workers threefold their work in order to satisfy his wishes.Working hard even tho its puasa month.Toiling in the hot sun cutting the branches of the trees and so on.

2nd week …..haha look those fools….they are afraid of me.The workers were given a letter of credentials for obeying his orders….surat penghargaan la konon.

3rd week …. his majesty was not satisfied again.check withhold.No payment until you dig out all those logs out.Take out all the things that had been there for years .And he WANTED the work to start at the very instant.At his very command.


I’ve been an administer of organisations before.and i know thats not a criteria for a good administration.Reigning terror on your organisation will backfire on you in no time…..seen a lot of it.

Lagipun doa orang yang ditindas dalam bulan puasa mujarab tau.

Dan tahukah kamu duit yang kamu dok ugut nak withold tu rezeki anak isteri orang.

I would not write this post if i dont know how the proprietor of the company works for 30 long years.Rasanya susah nak cari sededicated dia.

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