Sunday, June 24, 2012

let the cows moo


I saw them huddling among the scraps of paper en route to the rubbish dump.

I took pity on them for having to end like that.So I bundled them up and whisked them to Kangar.

They had been staying in a corner of the house gathering dust.

Today….the whole herd was herded into the washing machine,with a few scoops of detergent.

And after a few minutes… they came out smelling nice and crisp.

Now they are resting on the living room couch waiting for another destination….

I have in mind to give them away for the Self Access Room……

They might bring life to a dull class ….. as a teaching aid for my English class.


Oh ye…. I bet they ….the cows will moo again.

Yesterday….cikli and I attended nother wedding invitation.I couldnt help but smile when a makmertua baru dapat menantu was relating her menantu tu us.

I sigh……kalau dah jodoh….orang kurang upaya pun ada jodohnya.

And another mak mertua was saying…..anak perempuan tak perlulah mengaji tinggi tinggi.Susah kalau tak kahwin.

I was like ???????????????……biaqpilah…..let the cows moo.

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