Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Power.More Style


The newly launched Proton Exora Bold takes a full page ad in NST today.Spread over the whole page the commanding,stylish car caught my attention.


Aha ….. a source of teaching aid for my English class.Later ,the picture will be snapped,stuck to a wrought paper and used as figurine in my class.

Teaching aid aside…..

I got my own car a twenty or so years back.It was a matter of necessity that forced me to buy a car .As a guru sumber matapelajaran ,I had to travel the length and far of Perlis.It was purchased in Penang and after a few years I changed it for a bigger Honda Civic.

How that Honda Civic gave me problems after problems.Rainwater seeped through the rubber linings and wetted the drivers feet.

One day a friend commented : La kena pakai payung lah dalam kereta ni.

Soon the Civic got to go.Enter Wira the white sedan.


One day,pretty miss wanted to go for her practicum.So the Wira was whisked away to Shah Alam.And when It got back to me ,I noticed a long scratch paled by liquid paper!

Years later,I was promoted to head a school smacked in the heart of a village.To go there you have to take a road on a bund.To make matter worse flanking the bunds on both side are a deep drain and a wide mighty river.

Imagine my predicament…..

So bye bye Wira and welcome Kembara.

Well,dear me….. the Kembara was to serve me until it was borrowed by my sonny.Now its in Damansara Ara.

So seeing the ad today,the Proton Exora Bold  caught my eyes…..

As it says: More Power.More Style.

But its the RM that rules!

Lagipun rasa macam puan pula di chauffer ke sana kemari.Hehe.


  1. Mamason
    Apa tunggu lagi? Grab jer that bold n beautiful, hehe..

    RM? Redha Mamason.. ahaks.

  2. Ewah....Aunty CS usik Mamason ye? Tak baik tau! Kalau Mama kita dia suka kereta yang kecik molek comel macam Angelina lah....kalau besar sangat, susah nak parkinglah dalam KL ni. purrr....meow!

  3. Mamason
    Tumpang tapak jawab komen...
    CAT, your mama n me samalah. Tak reti bawak keta besar; lagi tak reti kalau bawak keta orang.

    So Mamason, how? grab jer :-)