Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jealousy knows no boundary.


I formally thought that cats are just cats.Cats are creatures that have four legs,meows when hungry and sleeps 3/4 of the day.

How totally wrong was I.

We knew that ninasandaq was very annoyed with mamason for teasing boboi.We then thought it was because she disliked my tone of voice when I called the little cat.Shrilling and ear shattering ,observed kakaten.

Well,last night,kakolin was teasingly calling after boboi.

Boboi…..meow ,cit cit cit …..somewhat to that extent.

Ninasandaq rose from her slumber,opened her eyes wide and stared at kakolin.Horrifying.

She then uttered a language known only to her…..which I heard like someone grumbling.


Then she took an advance at kakolin.As if saying : Hey you dont play play with my little darling.She walked over to boboi who was beside kakolin and licked his face murmuring away.

Rupanya missninasandaq is one jealous cat.Phew.

We put up the experiment a few times and having the same response as before.

Thus we can conclusively say: Nina sandaq is one obsessive possessive jealous cat.Spectacular.

Hmmm….ingat orang saja yang ada perasaan itu.

Ooi apa tengok tengok….orang masuk bilik air pun nak kacau ke.lesing sekali.

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  1. Ish....nak kena counseling budak Sandaq ni. Meh sini kakak Angelina kasi.penampar sekali. Teeheehee....purrr....meow!