Thursday, August 25, 2011



I could hear stifled guffaws at the other end of the line.

Everyone was having a fine day gelak guling guling listening to my croaking voice.

And too were the children that were under my care .


Kesian cikgu…..someone say

Ala awat jadi lagu tuuuuuuuuuuu…..someone queried.

Minum air apa tak tau nak sebut…..someone suggested.


Its all because of :

Forgetting what day it was!

Well,yesterday I thought it was a Thursday .Thus I mixed my timetables.Thus the children of year one were having a fine rocking roaring day when the other classes were having their exams.

As a result the whole class was ordered to stand under the sun .

When I realised my mistake,and hurried to the class,I got to see red puffy faces in the sun.


Its been a long time I put children under my care under the sun.For consequences could be unforthcoming.

Heralded the children into the class.

Tu la kamu bising sangat……DIAM !!! I raised my voice  at them when they started to voice their heart out.

Maybe the decibel is one octave above the permissable degree of loudness….waduh…apakebendenya ni.


And the result was an itik nila teacher gesturing and making sign languages.To the amusement of all to see.Haa ha ha.

All are welcomed.


Its been raining all day and night.Hope we dont have a watery Raya.I prayed.


  1. Mamason
    I x boleh komen guna the proper pc k'board angkara blogger x suka dgn I kot tapi I boleh komen guna hp. But now, there seems another problem arises. E'since you tukar langsir of your blog, I dah x leh baca your entry sbb all the alphabets look as if they have been smeared by water. Yg herannya I could read e'thing being written on the right side of your blog. Meanwhile, you dah sihat lum?

  2. salam.. :), selamat hari raya, thx for the wise advise, by the way, macam teringin nak cuba resepi rendang and serunding.. hopefully i will fare well trying yer resepi..

  3. Cik Som,
    Agaknya post tu masuk air kot. Bila guna explorer jadi bertindan.Dengan firefox atau chrome ok saja.
    Penasihat IT pula balik Isnin nanti.Kena minta tolong dia tengok.Kita ni macam tikus tengok besi ajalah bila ada problem.

    hee seram.tapi ramadhan hantu kena ikatkan.
    Seronok baca your blog.Makcik pun kena refer balik macam mana nak buat serunding dan rendang setahun sekali tu.Tapi kan...buat 20 kali raya mesti 20 kali rasa berlainan.heranla.