Sunday, June 12, 2011

The janitor


What do you think give me the most satisfaction when I went visiting my children?

Taken to the malls?

Food at the restaurants?

You are wrong if these were your guesses.

Putting their houses into order was my numero uno satisfaction.Be it in KL or Kuantan,I feel like I have made myself useful by doing so.

I think this must be a hereditary trait from my mum…tokton.Wherever she goes,she made herself busy by straightening things here and there.When she was with me,the room she was in was spick and span.No taik cicak on the window sills and no dust or cobweb under the katil.

Thus when I was holed up in the house until my girl finished work at 5,I busied myself cleaning for her.And if I was given my way,it would be a complete makeover.Nak berlebih lebih pun ,takut tuantanah kedawong tak berkenan cara kita.

So everyday when she opened the door,I heard her exclamation…..




but there were times when she said  ……eh pi mana? Meaning her things which I had moved to a new  corner.

So when I closed the door behind me headed for home I left her house feeling like I had left a trail.


And I have this for her and her and another her.

All things must have a place and there’s a place for everything.But not all places are for all things and everything.



De clutter ,de clutter

Throw away,give away things that doesnt matter

If its been there for years and years dan buat sakit mata

Juga dok kumpul habuk as well as hama.


Bye.Till we meet again .The janitor in me will come a knockin’


  1. Mamason,
    Jomlah singgah rumah kami. Mama needs help..... har har har *evil laughs*

  2. Cat,
    Really.Nanti mamason buka bisnis cuci mencuci.

  3. that week has been the best week i have ever had, and thanks to both of you,
    ps:am now trying to make things the way they are read:spotless clean!ahhah

  4. semua mak mcm tu kot..tapi saya stop doing that once they got married..masa rumah bujang dulu bukan saja ngemas dgn kaki tangan, dgn mulut sekali..pot pet pot pet