Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sana gila sini sasau

Girls beware!

Acid splashers are getting more rampant .And what irks most is that no  effective actions taken as of date. KL getting more dangerous to live and work.

Read about them in newspapers,blogs and from the news as well.

Girls do take precautions when on the street.

Advice given :  jalan menentang arus trafik.Be wary of your surrounding esp suspicious characters.

                          bawa bekalan air botol.

                          jauhi tepi jalan kalau boleh. Go in groups.


Dan satu lagi : amalkan doa minta dijauhi orang yang zalim selalu.

To all the girls ,remember banyak orang gila sekarang.

Kalau tak gila,mungkin sasau.

Itu yang buat ibu ibu jadi risau.

Do read these for additional info:

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