Sunday, April 10, 2011

What’s up SKRPB


Been a busy week in SKRPB. The exams papers needed correcting.The marks needed to be tabulated.After that the regime of entering data in the computer as well .Not sure whether the record books need to be written manually or the marks sheets generated.

Rather a piece of shocking news.One of the teachers ,got transferred out.I dont know what the perancangan of the JPN is to do this at this time of the year.When the school routine,schedule,plans would be disrupted.Timetable would be revoked.Tasks had to be juggled.Well, its giving teachers in the schools concerned a jitter.And mamason included.

Teaching in a small school,school’s activities would practically involve everybody. Whereas in larger schools ,tasks would be shared among a bigger staff.No sooner the games and sorts  ended,teachers found themselves busy with other tasks.This week is this activity:



Coming round the corner is the English week which directly involved mamason.

Sigh. Need to find the song ASAP.Been going through the net for ideas.And the stories too.Got to train the students ASAP. Next week is the prize giving day.Got to settle about the food ASAP.For 200 pax.

Wow .Quite a lot to digest in a short time.

So bukan senang jadi cikgu tau.Silap silap boleh sasau.


  1. Yup, 'bukan senang nak jadi cikgu' further more to be a good one..laaaagi la susah,

  2. sangat setuju,hermmm
    thanks join the party last few days,hehehe
    blog walking..hehehe

  3. hani@debumelukut
    Setuju sesangat.Teringat apek dalam cerita pramli bertinggung atas jambatan....nak mati lagi ssusah.haha

    salam sejahtera...
    nak kek sebiji boleh