Saturday, April 23, 2011

to the left,to the left


After packing the curry puffs ,off to the school I went.On a Saturday!

The mission ….. to train the 15 odd students from yr 1-3 for the action song. The day before,potential students were selected by way of elimination round ala AF.

When mamason arrived at the school before the stipulated time,the school ground was alive with eager children .Most of  them had already memorised the lyrics but none had been taught the dance steps.

Tr Mariani,Faezah,Wawa,Zaid were already in school to help out.How indebted I was to them.Ust Sirhan joined later to give a helping hand. I was amazed at the speed the 7,8,9 yrs old grasped the beat,rhythm and steps very quickly.


But ada juga yang terover goyang dan terlebih lompat.

Anyway,I was a satisfied soul before we wrapped for the day.But the day of the competition is postponed until 5/5.As  such we have more days to practice.

So for the next few days ,the school would see we teachers teaching the kids to the left to the left.To the right ,to the right.

The songs sunshine,lollipop and wheels on the bus ringing throughout the school.


You are my shunshine ………..You are my shunshine

And another student from another kind was also too eager to join singing “you are my purrrr eow”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         another aspiring student.


Came home around 1 happy and full.Makcik kantin gave us free makan.Yummmm. Sedap. Lemak nangka + sayur keladi and kembong cicah sambal….phew. Menjilat jari!


  1. seronok latih budak2 ni..penat tapi berbaloi.

  2. hani,
    mamason pun rasa macam muda balik.Dok terkinja kinja sensorang orang pelik pula.Tapi dgn students I got to wiggle,jiggle.Feel so young.