Tuesday, April 19, 2011


At certain parts of our life,we might have a fear for or of something or someone.

Could recall the time when I feared an urban legend in the form of pak chat, a somewhat deranged person in the sleepy hollow of Kulim town.

I feared sharp objects too.And of blood.So that was the main reason I didnt pursue my nursing study in England 40 years ago.And chose to be an English teacher instead.

Had seen people who were scared to death of cats.Screaming their lungs out as if the creature is something horrible.Whereas I found cats to be the best of the best friend could be .

My late dad was afraid to ride at the back of the motorcycle.So he preferred to walk or cycle instead.And he too was afraid of fast drivers.Could see the pale in his face when he took a ride in someone’s car.His mouth reciting all the doas that he knew.

And dear hb is afraid of height.he is not his chattery self when flying over the mountains and the sea…. just the opposite of me.I would savour the beauty of the landscape..The fluffy clouds,the green leaves,the blue sea were just beautiful to miss.From the window of the aeroplane.

Have you any?Your fear I mean.

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  1. Mamason
    Just to name a few of my fear: naik kapalterbang, masuk cinema, driving (tho dpt atasi slowly), pain, letupan, sakit, hmmm... in fact ada banyak lagi, hehe..

    Belajar mantapkan diri sendiri dgn bertawakal, insyaallah.