Friday, March 18, 2011

Mike Rowe – Dirty Jobs


It was only yesterday that mamason washed the shits down the drain.She sprinkled handfuls of detergent and bucketful of water to wash those dirty smelling poo.. ….

This morning when she went out the hang the laundry,she spied those pungent smelling droppings again.Again she washed them away muttering beneath her breath.

Those cat food scattered on the floor that pissed mamason ever readily. She swept them away.

Kesian mamason kena jadi Mike Rowe.


The room was vacant since last Sunday night.Mamason went inside ready for an anticipated  high powered intensive cleaning.You know what….these were what she found out :

Packets of empty cigarette boxes inside the drawers!Bagfuls of them.

Pieces of paper and wrappers underneath the bed,the chair ,the computer table.You name them.You get them.

DVD discs inside and outside their sleeves.Phew , scattered everywhere.


The yard was quite presentable before but now it was overflowing with junks.Pieces of remnants of old shelves ,discarded belongings gathered from god knows where.

Well that junks from the shop which had some sort of renovation found their way back home much to mamason’s consternation.

Kadang kadang datang sakit kepala sakit hati.The house would never be presentable if only a person wants it to be .It should be collective effort all the way.

Makcik ada besi buruk nak jual tak?

Hmmmm there are heaps of god knows what,tapi kalau makcik jual,mau jadi perang dunia kedua.


Pandang depan rumah pula ….the carcass of a kriss and a modenas ,the segala makneka tok nenek apakegajah semua ada.



Mamason rasa kalau adalah tempat yang tenang,mau dia lari ke sana saja!

Penat oi jadi Mike Rowe!


  1. Mamason,
    Meh sini kita massage. hmmmm...aaahhh.....(((((HUGS))))) purrr....meow!

  2. Alahai baik sunggoh cat.
    I used to have a blackie who would give me massages when I lie down on the couch.His tiny paws did erase some aches away.Miss him greatly.

  3. Alahai kesiannya Mamason ...

    I agree "It should be collective effort all the way".

    Humpphh... 1 2 3 .. take a deep breath ... exhale :-)

  4. CikSom,
    Collectively means not doing things that irritates the other partykan! So tentu bahagiakan kalau dua dua mengemudi ada satu kepala saja.Baru kapal tak karam.With too much junks.