Saturday, March 19, 2011

Macam kayu getah

The other day when I was done being Mike Rowe,I felt my throat parched,my nose watery.


Thought of popping that cure for all tablet aka paracetamol aka panadol but left the idea .

Hence today I woke up with aches all over the body.The left arm felt loose and the mind wobbled here and there.


Thought of lying in bed this weekend but have to send the little missus to the bus stand.Her one week holiday is over and off to KL she goes.This is her last semester in that little college after coming back from Down Under.Another item for mamason to worry about her future.Her posting I mean,as the aspiring TESL to be teacher would be posted to the four corners of M’sia come 2012.


The tragedy that struck the Land of the Rising Sun did have a significant effect.Had my late father been around,he would be most affected.His affection for anything Japanese….their work ethics ,their comradeship .Reading news and articles about the tragedy,I renewed my awe about them.How in their times of trials and tribulations,they showed what stuff they were made off. And I envy them.

Why were there no unrest in that troubled land as it happened elsewhere.

Why were there no footage of the Japanese wailing like it happened elsewhere.

What I saw were faces of calm.


Mamason do need to dig more stuff on why the Japanese have plutonium for their courage.Mercury for their calmness.

Had it been me,I dont know as my courage is like the wood of the rubber tree.Senang buat kayu api.

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