Friday, November 19, 2010

Friendship is…….You know.


A friend is a ship that you can travel in in time of leisure and in time of needs.A ship that needs many hands to steer it to safety.Hands that should work in harmony.

Masa dan waktu ini ,I thought of the few friends that I have. That I have shared my joy and my sorrow. And their joy and sorrow too.

Rindu dendam ingatan ini.

Need to make the call and go visit them.Someday.Love for them never fades.I treasure all the memories.Remember those young faces I met and the faces that I left when I said goodbye.

But do they ?

Dear me ,dear you.

Treasure those friends that you found along the way.If you were to leave them,leave them with a heavy loving heart so that you will enjoy those light moments you have with them.Dont sever any ties.As a severed tie does not look good to wear.You know.

I know along the way ,friends come in many forms….and you will eventually know which form. Love them whatever form they may be.Because they are your friends.You know.

Tersentuh hati ini kawan yang lebih 30 tahun tidak berjumpa melayangkan kad jemputan kahwin anak anaknya.Cikli kita pergi ya.Rain or shine.

Na,still remember your sweet innocent face. Selamat menerima menantu menantu.Anak anak mu tentu secantik kamu.


  1. Salam Mamason

    1. Selamat hari raya qurban (maaf terlambat wish).
    2. Tahniah dpt 2 'ekor cucu'. Nice names.
    3. Dah siap berkemas?
    4. Baru katam all your previous entries

    Thanks for the latest entry.. An eye opener juga tu. Salam

  2. cik Som,
    1.Selamat hari raya qurban too.
    3.Berkemas untuk raya tapi ada lagi yang masih belum beres.
    4.Thanks once again.Sometimes things happened.

  3. i love all my friends but sadly some cannot maintain the friendship after marriage. meeting up old friends are always a joy :)