Monday, August 2, 2010

What’s in Kangar-update


It was a weekend full of fanfare.Not mine.But Perlis.There’s MAHA and the 1 Malaysia.As usual I am not part of those act ivies but my ears were.Living nor far from the stadium ,we could hear the dangdut,the rocks,the bang of the fireworks from home.

My brother came with his troop on Friday,but since coming unannounced I was unable to feed them as usual.Kesian jamu roti Hi 5 saja dengan kopi O. But their aim was to visit MAHA.See people living  100 km away could make their way,but not me.They went back the same day.


Missina is home this weekend.So mama could do some feeding.

Being a penggemar sambal tumis udang ,I cooked her heart desire but a kuali of gulai udang for the father. At night,we had dinner at Kuala Perlis for ikan bakar,crab in sambal,and sayur kailan ikan masin.The whole dinner came to just 59 Rm for 4pax. I thought the price charged would be around 80 just like in Melaka.How relieved I was.

005 dinner +++

Papali was very busy this week.He was on his feet 24/7.Everything seems to come together at the same time. He could breakdown in no time.I asked him to go slowly but as you know,pakli,apa dia peduli.So off he worked Saturday,Sunday ,in fact everyday of the week. And when he came back, not a sound could he make.Kesian dia.

As for the teaching offer,the borang is here for me to be filled.With medical check up and other strings,it dampers my spirit as I have reservation to go to the doctor.

I  have 2,3 days to weigh my propositions ,to be or not to be.That we will see.



Lihatlah muka si Dell yang ketakutan,bila dengar bunyi pong pang pong pang.Macam dia bertanya pada tuan spek mata di penjuru gambar.

Dell :Eh apa dia? Dell rasa berdebar!

Kakak cermin mata :Dell kau ni pon ke,dengar bunga api pun takut semacam.Itu pun dah gentar? Macam mana nak jadi pendekar?


  1. Mamason,
    Lajunya! I can't keep up with you despite having four legs. You're a prolific writer. Kesian Dell. Cats have very sensitive hearings so any loud noise will make us terkezuttt beruk! roar! roar! roar!

  2. Mok : tak sangka dell penakut.Nampak macam macho,sikit sikit pukul orang.Nampak tembelang!
    Jade : sudah sudahlah tu .Dua beranak tak baik bergaduh selalu.