Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bila Pakmok lapaq


EEEEEEEEEh was his loud holler,that could be heard from every corner of  the house.It was his signature call for food.

He would lie down  in calm when his tummy is filled with his 4 legs upright for all to see. That was pakmok as he was dearly called by the household. He was everything endearing but bold.

check ration 

Missina is back in no.7  for a short weekend.And this is when pakmok got all the attention.

Adik, adik where are you.Love you .Miss you.

The young lady gave him a piece of the chicken and there he was as fast as lightning,he took the food in his mouth and retreated to the far corner of the kitchen  saying :

Back off Dell.Dont you try.

But dear Jade this share is for you dearie.

And master Dell memang tak puas hati

GRRRRRRR.Tak baik tau tak bagi kat anak sendiri.

marah tengok tu ,bergaduh dengan Jade.


Big fat pakmok is a sight to see when his stomach needs servicing.He meowed to mamason who was busy and she said:

Nanti sat lagi.!

He meowed to papali and what did he get.Papali hambat dia lari!

Keluar rumah ikut pintu tak tunggu lagi

Terkebil kebil dia memandang  pakli  masa tu.

Amboi tak baik tau buat macam itu.

mok  jiwakacau

This post was written a day ago. And I think I want to share it now with you.


  1. Sabaqlah PakMok oi! Jangan dok kalut sangat. Lain kali makan ikut taim lah no.... roar! roar! roar!

  2. mamason:Pak Mok ni memang penyabar,tapi kalau lapaq sangat dia jadi kalut.Not like his son,yg pandai main mata,Kuyu saja melihat kita tanpa bersuara.Depa ni memang pandai berdrama!