Monday, July 26, 2010

What’s in Kangar-update3- the house with 68 maids!

The news about the death of the security or jaga at Bangunan Mara,Kangar,entered the news as I anticipated.What missing in my account was his mouth splattered with rice when found next to the table.Still young for a man of 51 to die unexpectedly. And he was a friend.

The next item on the news was the house with 68 maids.68? Yes.It was in a housing area,where there were traffic all round the time passing by.And the house housed 68 people? When I passed by that house sometime ago,I had this eerie feeling why the house looked like a jail.With high fences around it. Looked kind of mona fandey kind of home.

By the way,our family did come into contact with the so called teacher cum human trafficker. Once ,it was a time when my family held a kenduri of sort and I need an extra pair of hands. Getting the address,my hb went to get one and soon came home with maid later.

The girl worked like a robot and would stand still after each task was completed.She didnt ask but as soon as we passed her by ,she would say: Habis kerja buk.And so the next task would be relegated.Soon her stand at attention became the attention of everybody and put a smile on each face.At the end of the day we gave her a bonus,but she looked reluctant to receive it.Afraid of her boss,I might say.

Came to think of it,how come a house could house 68 people without anyone notice.I think the police too must have gone their rounds but notice nothing unsound.

It was reported ,the terrace house has 14 CCTV. Wow 14.Where could they be.Might it be the bathrooms the maids used and their communal bedrooms too.It bugs me.The XXX films that were found,Airel Peterpan must be one of these.

Kangar had been in the lime light with these news yesterday.The sleepy hollow was rustled with these above normal  activities!

spjg perjalanan 006 spjg perjalanan 010

Kangar as seen by mamason mr.Olympus.


  1. over here i've seen a 90m2 apartment housing 30 women. orang kalau terdesak keadaan macam tu pun sanggup terima.

  2. so each has a 3 metre2 of personal space.kesiankan
    Thought how these people brave all odds just to have food for the family.

  3. cikgu...
    ay ya..ya..
    rumah teres 14 cctv? utk kawal 68 org?...
    bagus betul biznes jual orang ni....
    mcm2 cara org nak kaya....

  4. Ingat zaman dulu saja ada hamba sahaya.Bukan CCTV 14 buah saja yg dijumpai,alat renjatan letrik pun ada ditemui.Dan mereka yg teraniaya itu adalah se rumpun dgn kita.Hanya asal saja diseberang sana.