Thursday, July 15, 2010

the sticky post


The sticky post was taken from the daily paper and pakli stuck one onto the sideboard while mine was stuck to the tv next to my work table.

We had a sticky argument on our way to Tesco the other day.IT has something to do with our anticipated visit to Brisbane sometimes between now and December before missy comes home for good.

Moneywise,I dont have a problem.But thinking of the fast dwindling sum,I had to rethink about the proposal. Ya la,going abroad with the currency  exchange would bleed the already bleeding coffer. So pakli chastised me for being taik hidung masin?

Eh eh kerana beringat ni la kita tak perlu meminta minta..I said.

When finance is concerned,I have this premonition that a penny spent unnecessarily,is a penny thrown away.And I had experienced in my growing years the pain without money.Makan pun kena bercatu.Skirt sekolah baru was the skirt I turned wrong side out.So going to oz might be scrapped in lieu of the many commitments  not met. sorry aten.

But ,I see that some people  find it hard to accept my view.

Jade : Mamason,biaq pi la kat depa. Tak dak duit baru depa nak mencuka.Buat apa serba tak kena. Muka muncung sepanjang masa.Silap silap paklong bukan nak tolong , dok kejar depa.

Mamason :Tu yang mamason dok kata.Beringat masa ada.Senang masa tua. Jolly masa muda,dok rumah kebajikanlah masa tua jawabnya.

This was in draft form days ago.And tonight I hit the publish button.

By the way,Kangar was hit by a strong storm and from what I read in one of the blogs,the damage in Kuala Perlis is quite extensive.Luckily we were spared although the wind was quite strong, rattling  the roof as if it would be ripped it off any time.

Even the cats looked petrified.


  1. Dell, purrrlease tell Mamason if it's just one person or two travelling, it's not that expensive. Despite the currency exchange. har har har *evil laughs*

  2. Dell : mamason tu asyik dok rumah saja.Keluar rumah duit,keluar pekan duit,keluar negara lagilaa banyaaaaaaaaaaak duit.
    Jade : Duit keluar > duit masuk = ???