Monday, July 5, 2010

the sakura i love

image the flower that is loved


Wishing you the best GOTCHA Day.

Well, mum gotcha you on this day 2 decades and threesome, some years ago.

One ,to me as cute as a baby could be.My little bundle was born when mama and abah were in the midst of happenings.But we braved through,you were the birth mark of a struggle in the family.

INA a baby and RINA the ownership that's how we came to be.

We braved the days of raining spikes and we rejoiced the little silly something that came our way.

On this day my dear,

Nothing much would I say

except I LOVE, LOVE  you whatever may.


P8110574     family 009

the sakura always smile even in times of hardship.

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  1. Happy birthday,eenasan from abah,jade,mok ,dell.Paen pun.