Monday, July 5, 2010

Raya dah dekat


Ha ha,dont be mislead by the headings.Puasa pun dak lagi dah nak raya?

No,what I want to relate now is how I spent my entire day ,in front of my lappy,decorating with fervor as if I am decorating the house for raya. Decorating the lap top ? No,it was my blog.

I was captivated by the resourceful toolbars,captions,pictures that appear in other people’s bogs. The girls were all away,leaving behind the boy at home.Calling him too often to help with the blog met with a makni tak tau lagi ka response.

So,here I was. Going here and there,I managed to find the things called widgets  and apply them to my blog.It was far from satisfying but anyhow I am learning.

Sapa kata makcik tak boleh?

So here I am to present to you my Thru Ups N Downs.Hope you like it.

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