Saturday, July 17, 2010

the Downs of mrs mama

amboi nakal,pukul baru tau mamajade and the late  Jessy.


Mrs. Mama aka Jade was a formidable creature. As befitted her name,she was always kind,patient and loving.

When we have her from under the Kembara,she was a pathetic little kitten.Meowing endlessly for her mother ,I must agree.After she adjusted herself to the new surrounding,Jade was a cat that I observed to have some peculiarities about her.

She was ok when we first found her but one day we noticed the cornea of  one of her eyes gone grey. So it was the reason why when given food ,she would found it only after pointing it to her.

When she was young ,Jade was close to me. And she was one clever cat. We could beckon her to come near just by waving to her and she would come running.Ask her to go to the kitchen.Makan.Keluar.Ikan. Are some words that she understands.


spjg perjalanan 076.the inseparable duo.

She’s very close to Dell.Maybe because all her other children didnt survive. And Dell is getting jealous of papamok.Last night,I noticed Dell waving his paws in front of Mok’s face as if saying :

Hey,stranger,you stay away.This is my mummy.

This afternoon ,I had a good laugh seeing Dell seperti merajuk.Terhendap hendap dia bila pakmok bersenang diri dan pakli memberi ikan yang berbaki.Macam dok kata:

Makan la semua,Dell tak heran.

Pakli  bagi pun baki ikan

Bukan nak kenyang sampai sebulan.

Muncung saja mulut dia sambil mata mengerling pakmok ,bapanya.

Adoi Dell.


Dell merajuk dgn mata merenung tajam pakmok.

048 I dont careless

049 apa ke he

047 I dont care !


Kesian Jade tersepit antara kasih suami dan anak. Yang mana satu perlu diikut.


  1. Visiting your blog for the first time. You have a great blog.

  2. Selamat pagi! When you are free, please swing over to my blog - special post dedicated to you and other cat lovers :-) called "The Secret Diary of..." Hope you like it.

    Love your cats!!! They are very adorable!! Take care and have a lovely day.


  3. masterwordsmith,
    thanks so much for the entry.Love it.
    With children all fast growing up and moving away,what else could give sunshine to an old heart.
    Love the cats and their antics.

  4. Pn Mutiara...lovely name
    Sorry for taking too responding to you. Only found out just now. Welcome and I too like your blog .Nice to meet you.Salam.