Saturday, July 10, 2010

the day the mad teacher counted the traffic

It was a topic concerning transportation. The students were 10 or 11 years old .

Something struck me.Reading is sometimes boring.isnt it? I could visualise the boys and girls yawning.

Hey, children,pick up your pencils and note books. We are going out.

The moment I said out,a loud cheer broke out.

The curious young pupils were given directions on their assignment:

Count the number of lorries,cars,buses,trucks,bicycles or whatever passed by them.

For a child of ten ,do you think they know how to count and take note.I didnt explain.

Out of the many students ,only one could get it right.SIRIM.They others were writing :

lorry ,bus,car,lorry,car,truck ,bus,motorcycles,lorry,lorry,lorry,lorry ,bus,car,lorry,car,truck ,bus,motorcycles,lorry,lorry,lorry.

Teacher,tak larat la,many lorry.No time.

And the student who got it right was doing this :

////////////   in his notebook. Maybe he learned it from somewhere.

That simple assignment soon bloomed into finding what was the make of the car,the number plates and so on.

So the young sleepy heads were turned into inquisitive minds,bringing pictures of cars and how to pronounce them.A bar graph also  materialised on the soft board of the classroom.Children’s work.

One thing though ,some people were cynical when they saw an over enthusiastic teacher giving all sorts of ideas in teaching the class.

Dia ni tak berapa nak betul kah? Ada dok kira kereta dalam English class. or

Dia bolehlah,dia pi London!

Do you know that empty tins,cartons,wrappers could make a lifeless class come to life.Try it. Maybe I will tell later.


  1. i did that sometimes.....i will bring my students out....bwk newspapers byk2...carik mana2 pokok yg rimbun,bentang suratkhabar and ramai2 dok bersila and have a class there...and its true, they like it better than getting stuck between the 4-walls...

  2. thanks LLT for visiting my humble abode.Of all my teachers I remembered one who taught reading along the corridor half a decade ago.Such an impact.Wasnt it?Happy teaching LLT.