Monday, June 21, 2010

travelling in malaysia

family 252

If there is such a thing that brings family together,one of it is travelling together.

Travelling the length of Malaysia is the family past time.This picture was taken in front of Seri Malaysia,Air Keroh Melaka.

Yes, Melaka was the state that the family used to frequent when ina was in matrik and paen in kutkm.

Any fond memory of Melaka?

Tentulah tempat bersejarah.From Banda Hilir,the fort and the museum.

Lain ?

Mahal nak mati makan ikan bakar kat sana.

In fact,it was such a cut throat price that we nearly pengsan.As you see,at such a price,in Perlis , we could feed a busload.

The kampung at Londang memang cantik.But one thing I noticed,tangga rumah boleh masuk sampai jalan besar!

Ulat ulat di matrik Londang masih menjalar ke?

eee geli.

Lalat a plenty at R&R .Bukan satu dua tapi satu platoon. Sampai jenuh nak makan sambil berlawan dengan lalat.

Anyway,the people there were very friendly. Peramah sokmo.The most friendly people of Malaysia .

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