Saturday, June 12, 2010

pencen sajalah


I noticed that pakli has his hand full. The other day,the driver went missing.Missing without any clue.The handphone goes dead whenever called.This worker memang perangai macam ni dah banyak kali.

Yesterday,the clerk gave another blow.The newly recruited clerk had another roundabout turn when she decided to go back to her former employer.Yee sin.

This morning ,a worker asked for 3 months leave to attend to some medical problem.And he is working as a support driver.

Pening oh jadi tauke ni.

Kalau ada problem dia mai bertimpa timpa.

Pencen sajalah.I joke.

This is the problem when hiring local workers. Either they are irresponsible lot or mata naik juling bila dapat offer lain.

Ambik bangla baru tau!

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  1. Yesterday,i called ba and he was in the middle of hiring people.Kasihan ba.Nak buat macam mana,cabaran. Love you both!