Monday, June 21, 2010

The infancy of RCS


Tidak lah makcik kata RCS bukan RCW is one thriving business.But it had done many good things for us.

Like putting the children into universities,travelling and sometimes having Hagen Daaz ice creams.

Nak jadi jutaaaaaawan tu ,elek lah. But kalau tak dak RCS mungkin dah jadi tak ketahuan.

During the early years ,I felt bad at starting this venture.La ,mana ada anak melayu dok pi cuci rumah orang,pejabat orang tahun 80 han tu.Orang uncle sam adalah.

Malu wei.

But now,when a tender is opened,hundreds of people were lining to get the form.And dont be shocked if power weilding citizens too were clamoring  for the contract.

There were times when I too had to help my hb when a worker ponteng or got grounded.Ya,makcik tak malu pun.

Actually,if we are not malu,kerja datang bertalu

But if we are malas,orang lain kena galas.

Maybe the experiences of being the kipas helper when my father was selling mee around the town of Kulim,did help.

IN time of hardships,we stick and glued together into a ball.To keep on rolling!


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