Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I need a little zing ,a little scent


After the makeover of the 2nd room,it seems the air in the house is a little mushy.Little to my liking.

The air well being covered,the free flow of fresh oxygen is somewhat restricted. And  I am finding ways to make the house feel fresh again.

Candle,air freshener,sprays, are on my shopping list  once again.

Could I make use of charcoal to absorb the musky smell.

Ya, smelly homes . I am at wits end.

I am always against having dustbins in the sleeping room. As well as worn and soiled dresses .They have to have their own place in the house.

Dustbin are for the kitchen or best still the backyard. As for soiled clothes, arent they better be in the laundry basket?

Having a nice,spacious bungalow is not enough if the air in the house is enough to choke a living thing.

So much so for having cats,chickens ,cows and goats near or in the house.

There goes one nice place called HOME.

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