Friday, May 14, 2010

the twilight zone road

Finding staying at SK a bit stale,we moved on .Travelling the 250 km across east west Karak highway was a no mean feat. Pushing on at 6.45 in the evening,we travelled the distance across the gloomy and winding highway.

Our journey was rudely roughened by a glaring light.What could it be?

Oh no ! It was  a backhoe travelling the unlit highway which I  fully understand that vehicles of that category are not allowed. I could tell  that this is accident waiting to happen.

Dinner was at cut throat price at Paya Serai where toilet facility is in need of wanting.

Continuing our journey,we came across a backhoe that had turned turtle.Alamak !  True enough the vehicle that we passed before stopping at Paya Serai had met with an accident.Kesian. Terpelanting habis seat tengah jalan and we nearly ran over it .

Travelling the east west highway at night for non frequent user was a spooky affair. The road is poorly lit and we were like entering the twilight zone. At one point we were feeling very sleepy  much similar to  the stories read in CI.I had difficulty to keep my eyes awake.

We arrived safely at Mat. Pahang  nearly 4 hours later.Ascending the numerous flights of stairs we arrived at the home of someone dear to us.Exhausted.


  1. so now u cud imagine me traveling back n forth right mommy?

  2. lady,you dah pro la babe.Pejam mata pun dah tahu mana selekohnya.Right?