Friday, May 21, 2010

A test of love

This morning,I noticed the baby, mewing softly for the mother.

Eh Jade where are youuuuuuuuuuuu.

When I opened the back door,Jade and Dell entered together.

The baby upon seeing its mother wobbled to her.

But Jade budged when the little mouth seeks its milk.

The hungry baby gave a yelp? when Jade again refused to let her teats being sucked.

Eh Jade buang tabiat ke  apa.

Ha  baru ku tahu,Dell yang besar panjang tu masih menyusu .Masa di luar tadi,dia dah pekena seround.

DELLLL awat hang minum susu adik?

Well, Jade although half blind ,is always an eyeful.Her eyes are filled with love even though the son has grown big and strong.She didnt want to scold Dell for sucking her teats.And I could see Jade licking grown up Dell’s fur every now and then.

Well Jade could be blind in one eye. But her love to her children are more than some who are not blinded.

And she didnt make her blindness as a source of sympathy from others.And she doesnt grab what belong to others.

She still let others eat before she would take the food. Or is it because she couldn't see?

Anyway,Jade buta sebelah mata.But she’s no monster. We still love you cos you know how to ambik hati. And you juga baik hati.

Sayang Jade!

Binatang pun tahu sedar diri.

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