Thursday, May 6, 2010

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Govt mulls legalised sports betting

The Sun Daily - ‎2 hours ago‎

by Hemananthani Sivanandam KUALA LUMPUR (May 6, 2010): The government is considering legalising sports betting in view of the World Cup matches in June, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin said today. He said the government is ..


Betting,Gaming,Toto,4D,3D ,buku tiga lima .You name it.Malaysia got it.

Dulu dulu during the dark years before ABIM ,Arqam ,village folks  were unabashed to talk about menurun,4 nombor ekor or what not.

There were these red books where objects were given their numerical interpretations. Eg a cat could be translated into 352 or any random numbers.

It was a blessing when the govt passed a law ? making any Muslim liable for breach of law if caught fraternising the Magnum ,Toto and nombor ekor outlets. Syukur alhamdullialh.

If not ,pak cik,abang ,adik in baju melayu would be unashamed to jinjat kaki at the betting counters.

I nak tergelak when a wife angered with the husband’s ketagih nombor ekor collected all the betting slips and send them to her father’s in law’s house. A bag full of them. Where to put face ah ? As the inlaws were always blaming the prodigal daughter in law  for being joli. For being kedekut.

Coming back to the govt mulling over  legalising of sports betting ,I am very much against it  as  Muslims too would be lulled into it.

Bukan apa takut duit susu anak pun kena kebas.

Rumput panjang lama tak tebas

Sebab bapa bapa dok betting world cup

Sampai belanja dapur  habis terlingkup.


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