Friday, May 14, 2010

Lalu ke dak?


Ni bukan lalu as in jalan.Ni lalu in context of eating. I mean makan.

You can eat a mule. Or whatever there is that is palatable to your taste bud.

How many a times I watched on Tv thru programmes the like of Paul Bourdain, siapa lagi kalau bukan yang lalu melintang patah.And there is also the weird Zimmerman who could eat almost anything except the durian. According to him the durian is the most spiteful food on earth!

Well to me ,I am not that cerewet but there is a certain food that I reject. To others eating ripe banana is a heaven but to me ,God forgive me as I found it revolting. Rasa kembang tekak kalau orang dok nyap nyap pisang dekat makcik. Tapi yang tak lojik tu pisang goreng boleh pula telan. !

I have children who are choosy in their food.One despises durian while another rejoice at the sight of it.Another doesnt have a hoot for veggie while the other likes munching them like a rabbit.

Variant of food aside,cleanliness too play a vital role in lalu or dak.My boy wont be near a stall with flies hovering over the food.Biaq lapaq .

I was window shopping for buah berangan at Genting Sempah when the vendor offered me one which he had already cracked open. As I was reaching for the offer,I noticed the long dirty fingernails. La la tu juga tak lalu dah nak makan! Soorrrrrry apek, wa tak lalu tengok kukukuku mu.

Once I was in Lorong Perlis in Penang .Tengah nak order I saw the counter. Hitam legam .Minta maaf dek,tak jadi order. Terima kasih.

My girl was still very young when she noticed the mamak shouting at the top of their voices.

Mee Goreng satu. Teh ais satu. Bungkus.

At home she had this to say :

Mak tak mau makan la. Air liur mamak tu bersembuq bila dia dok tempik tempik tadi.

That night we had maggi for dinner.Sbb tak lalu nak makan mee mamak tadi!

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