Monday, May 31, 2010

Jom Heboh mai peghelih

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From the distance ,the sound of music could be heard.Was it Akim?

When I ventured out of the house,I noticed that Kangar town was busier than before.With score of youngsters ,dressed up to the kill.

Youngsters with their mak we or pak we crossing the busy road holding hands .

I was planning to have a visit at the stalls but the sight of the long line of traffic somewhat deters me. Anyway,what with that sakit lutut makcik dok buat dalam kesesakan manusia.

I remembered an incident, when the head of a school got into a standoff with the former MB for reprimanding the kids for attending the Heboh. Heboh juga la hal ini dalam majlis GB.

Ya la kan. Murid murid pada esok harinya tersengguk sengguk kat sekolah.Kerja sekolah tak buat.

I am not for all the heboh at the stadium,tapi biarlah berpada.

And in Perlis,the concert was held in the evening.

Kalau tidak.Sure Lagi Heboh!

Last night,I couldnt have my sleep because of the mat rempits making heboh with their machines on the road infront of my house.

Oii,pilah heboh heboh tang lain.Kat sini juga depa nak berheboh heboh. Heboh betul!


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