Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hotel stays are sometimes………


When we travel,besides transportation,another factor to consider is accommodation.

We might room up at our next of kin’s places but the novelty soon worn out on you. We might become a liability if our presence is too frequent.Disrupting the family schedule and privacy as well as the family coffer.

So,as an alternative,we prefer to put up at hotels.

My first recollection of the family hotel stay is at the Grand Pacific,Jalan Kolam Air,Kuala Lumpur. As its very near to Seri Puteri,we never changed our stay until things became sour . We had booked for a two day stay when we were told to move to a smaller room the next day. Kalau upgrade tak pa la.Ini downgrade.Sapa nak mau.So we hold our ground and the next time when the bill came it was more than we had bargained. Sorry .You lost one faithful customer.

By now,we were quite familiar with the streets of KL.We soon became regular customer to Quality City Centre,Continental,Plaza,Stanford when we have to meet our child.

We had experiences in Renaissance ,Park Royal,Palm Garden when pakli  became a  club  member for a travel agency. Dapatlah merasa RM 700 suite.Tapi 60-70% off la. So ,the children  were found frolicking in the pool with minah gendut mata biru berbikini dan bathing trunk.Auw.

Out of the uncountable number of hotels,the Pedu resort was a remarkable one before it was closed down.Going there is an experience in itself and fishing from the verandah of your chalet is thrilling.

The Hosba Valley Resort was ok at first but  began to deteriorate after a while due to some management inefficiecy. But the thought of ular sawa melingkau dalam swimming pool was a put off. And the flies! Itu dulu. Sekarang tak tau lah sbb lama dah tak pi.

Bad experiences ? A plenty.

Once in Trengganu we,had to demand for a new room. The smell was rancid with urine! And in a Kajang hotel,you could hear the going ons from the next room. A reputable hotel in SP screened an XXX film on the home tv. Tergopoh gapah kami switch off sbb ada anak anak sama.Issh budget budget la sikit nak screen those type of movie.Oh ini bukan movie  tapi betul betul bluiiiiiii.!

The best hotel room that I put my bum was probably the room at the Palace of the Golden Horses.Thanks to being one of the school chosen as a candidate for sekolah kluster.

Being a govt servant,where we had to attend courses,we  room at pak lang in Langkawi,a hotel in Perhentian,Pulau Tioman,Melaka,Pahang. Well in fact all over the country saved for Sabah and Sarawak.

I miss pak lang for the ikan masak apa tu nama? Lupa pulak. And the shopping spree at Kuah.Buying keropok and batik at pasar siti Khatijah and that pasar in KB.

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Burj in Dubai suite ni kalau tak ada duit berkepuk,mimpi pun tak merasa.

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