Monday, May 24, 2010

from the land of yonder


Mama ok?


Macam tak seronok saja.

The call was received from someone,  somewhere in the southern hemisphere.

Eh tak ada apa .I’m ok. I reassured her.

She had read my blog and noticed that my tune was a bit on the gloomy side.

Ya la.Sometimes I need to let go of some feelings that I had cold storage them. My uncertainties.My doubts and my  moods.

I had set the blog so that I could express my feelings.But knowing that it could be assessed by public ,I had to have self sensor. Malu la kan ex GB dok ranting entah apa apa.

Actually, through the years that I passed through ,I had been there, saw that,heard  that. Some passable,Some horrible.

My childhood.I could still recollect the moments of love or those of horror. Which I had  plenty.

In my teen life,I might not do this or had this but I had the chance to see that or hear that.

In my working life, the spectrum of experiences were in abundant.Far beyond regular teachers. Why? Because I let myself take the challenges that were thrust into my face.

So the stuff that I could write were plentiful.

My maternal life. Macam macam ada.

But I had to restraint.

The azan to herald sembahyang is heard in the distance. Got to go.

Mama is ok ,aten. Take care.

Love you.

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