Saturday, May 22, 2010

entahlah apa nak jadi.


I followed DSAI case right from the beginning.Even through the first case in 1998 when he was slapped with a jail term.During those days,not only I read them in UM ,Berita but also as well as NST. The alternative papers,were also bought without miss.

So my judgement were not blindfolded or narrowed to just mainstream news.

Now,besides the papers ,I followed the proceedings via the internet. Twitter report make it as if you were in the court house.

We could foretell the outcome of the case . For DSAI it was a crusade for wanting to become the PM.

But I feel so much for WA  and her children . In 1998 her children were very young and I could see the anguish on their faces to have their father prosecuted in such a horrible manner.

Hope they stay strong to face the days ahead .

Hah,Malaysia boleh .

Passing through Guthrie Corridor expressway,I noticed the signboard SIME DARBY. A few days later it was hot news that SIME DARBY is billions in loss.

What happened to PKFZ scandal, the missing jet engines,the fallen roof of Gong Badak.

Once I saw with my own eyes the fallen walls of a science lab in Matrik Melaka . Before , I jokingly cautioned my girl not to lean against the dorm wall.And curiously,was it normal standard for roofing without ceilings? And those shiny materials kept flipping in the wind? It bogs me off!

Well the roof of my girl’s  house in Matrik Pahang were leaking like my old house in JPL.But its much worst. I was there when the rain came through the roof . It didnt seep but it pours.Do we need reporters before the roof will be taken care of? Could send to  you tube,I guess.

Ooops is the roof already repaired?

So much for open tenders and court cases.

Hah Malaysia memannnnnnnnnnnng  boleh.

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