Thursday, May 27, 2010

dude,what eva happend to you.


Nerd google image.

High school is a make or break era for a lot of young adults and most of them leave permanently damaged and unable to cope with the real world.

It also doesn’t help that we currently live in a society of coddling parents and a plethora of awesome video games that prevent a lot of young men from having any motivation to succeed in life.

Combine all of these factors and you wind up getting a crack squad of  dudes who live in their parent’s basement.

This  article is from a website that I happened to read. Well,I am particularly interested because its uncommon to see such dudes among the youths of today.

Young men,who formerly were full of enthusiast for life developed to become near zombies because of their affliction to that stupid games.On line or otherwise.

Young men who abandoned their appearances,cleanliness,social life just because their number one life is that stupid invention called computer. And stupider still that games.

On line games nerds started early in their path to become one.Parents are sometimes to be blamed .Presenting their ‘successful’ sons with play stations,nintendo ,whateva.Girls are somewhat immune to this as in early years their interest might be barbie or are on their path to become Martha Stewart wannanbe.                                                                                               

Well,yet another pic. to go with this :-


image google image

Sooner,there might be the built in loo smack right in the middle of the bed.

As for food – well they dont survive on food.No worry about it.Enough with packs of cigarettes and cans of coke.

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