Thursday, April 15, 2010

What we did last week

Hello Aten.

Ingat Aten saja gi jalan jalan.

Kalau Ten ke Sydney,abah mama ke Pearl of the Orient.

Once again boredom struck the  odd couple of no 7.Pak li had been suggesting a few places to spend the weekend. And one is to the kelong for a fishing trip. As I wont be entertaining the idea of being alone in the room while he spends the night after the fish,why not invite my sis along.

Well it turned out the weekend ,Kedahan will be glued to the tube for the ball.It was Kedah v NS for the apakentah  tournament. So the fishing trip went POH@KIV.

Out of the house we must or this cave like home would devour us.So come Saturday,we took a 200 km drive .On the highway and over the bridge.Here,Penang we came.Again!

As Concert  AF  was live that night,once again we had Seri Malaysia to sleep in that night.Finding another hotel without Channel 4 is a no no.

Went to Chowrasta for the asam jeruk.This time around we tried the jeruk from a malay entrepreneur . Not bad though it was a bit  pricey. Tapi tak pa.Bila lagi nak sokong business orang kita kan.

At the second hand bookshop,got myself Tatler ,Bazzaar and Australian Cleo while paen managed to get a book on industrial training writing Report @ RM 70.

On the way home we stopped over SP to hand over the bedspread that I bought for tok.Could see the delight  on her face. Well tok was one person who would accept any gift with a glow on the face. However cheap the gift was.

Passing by Jakel on the way back brought disaster to my account.

Blinded by the tag sales around me I departed with my 400 hard earned money to buy furnishing and baju kurung materials. It was not easy for me to splurge money for my own needs. Ada banyak lagi commitments yang perlu. Haaaigh.

So you see Aten,I prefer to be in my own cave.! Duit pun tak habih.

image back copies bought for rm 3

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