Thursday, April 15, 2010

viewpoints-dirty business


Do you know that according to survey ,one in six Briton washes the  sheet three times a year!

Three times a year!

It means a sheet would be used for 4 months before it sees the suds.Yuck.

Imagine the amount of dead skin flakes though unseen to the naked eyes.The amount of dust ,hair and other micro organism thriving on the duvet,the blanket and accessories. Lebih lebih lagi air lior basi. Adoi.

I still recall my mum regime of airing the sheets, lemek,pillows under the sun. The kabu filled tilam would be whacked hard before the sheets would be unfolded. No one is allowed on the bed before bedtime. Under the bed too is a place for no rubbish or dust.More so the headboard.

I may not follow my mum religiously. But to have a nice tucked in bed cum a hotel bed is my treasure.

So buying bed sheets list prior in my shopping list.I may not afford those chic Christian Rucker bedspread  but home sewn bedspread are things to treasure.

So if there is a sale,I would rummage the sheets instead of the dresses or the handbags.

And I bought two pieces of materials that would be turned into a chic set of bedroom furnishing once my singer is up and about.!Yahoo.

image google image … rundown inai

image nice furnishing …

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