Friday, April 9, 2010

Jangan pengsan sudah!


To be called more dumb than a dumber was all too accurate.

I was one who used to have  tight lips .Only talk when talk to.How come the transformation?

I ingat pesan pakli.

Jangan pengsan sudah!

I had came back from my three month course in Edinburgh when JPN insisted me to give a slot in the intensive course for teachers.Teaching teachers? Mati mak.

Maka tak tidurlah makcik bermalam.Keluh kesah macam Jade nak beranak.

I had seen people dok aaaaa,aaaa  in giving courses and I hate to be one too.

Ya Allah,If I have known I had to give speeches,biaq pi lah tak pi Scotland pun tak apa.

Teaching students is another matter altogether .

When that fateful day arrived ,I presented myself to the semua sedia tahu set of educators in the PKG .I fumbled with the overhead projector as well as in my speech.I could see the jeer in some of the participant faces.

Worksheets from the books that I dragged from Scotland were given for the teachers to work through.It was some sort of guessing game.
Lastly it was the time for assessment of the speaker.When I went through the comments I nearly fainted

Apa yang dia ajar entah!

Tak boleh guna dalam bilik darjah.

and I overheard

Macam ni ka balik oversea.Merepek.

But my steadfast advisor in pakli had this to say:

You pengsan dak masa bagi your first lecture?


Yahoooooo.Ok la tu!.

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