Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For the better

Just now on tv 2

One of the points raised which I totally agreed was:

Being a leader is at its best when your underlines become leaders.So to my friends who are still in their capacities as leaders nurture the talents of people below you. Do not compete with them.

Masih teringat masa dalam perkhidmatan dulu.

Even at home,we see differences in individuals what more to expect at the place of work.So I wasnt surprised  to see attitudes ranging from the highest to the lowest.

Once I came across a buddy who was oblivious to the fact that I was beside him. Macam cerita P Ramli Masam Masam Manis tu.The children were all like Oh My Gosh Sir,Madam  is here.Wake up sir!

Slowly I called his name and with a jerk he sprang to his feet.Nampak lah kelam kabut tenyeh mata yang merah.

Cikgu semalam tak tidur ka?

When we were in the privacy of my room ,I gave it all.He was apologetic and promised to change for the better.

And true to his words , I could see the efforts that he put. When eventually he was given a class that was usually given to selected teachers that meet the demand ,he excelled.

Had I gone to the jabatan for his non performing time, asking for his transfer to another school I could miss the opportunity to groom a loser to a winner. Yes, he was pushed here and there.

And I am proud if my teachers had better themselves.So when we received staff with problems ,tak payah lah bertandang ke jabatan untuk keluarkan mereka. Its better if you find ways to make them feel better ,look better .

And the better of the best (mana ada) was when You recognise the talent that your teacher is good at. Use that! You feel better when your staff is at his best.

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ni dah extreme kan.

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