Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dok buat apa tu

image Try guessing ;

Is the hand in the pic. planting seedlings ?

Yes / No

The answer should be  NO!



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While the women were busy collecting firewood,looking after the cows,drawing water,cooking etc etc.these men in Sudan were busying themselves in a game called aweet. Pity the Sudanese ladies.

Tapi bukan di Malaysia tak ada suasana ini.

Tengoklah kat kedai kopi ,warung tepi jalan ,sampai pukul berapa orang dok berlangut.

If you drive at night,along the road you could see stalls after stalls still teeming with people at one or two in the morning.

Those with school going children,do they have time to see the childrens’ homework.

Those going for work,wont  you be drowsy and sleepy at work?


Thats been bothering me when most stalls are patronised by my own people.Kulit sawo matang macam aku.

Berapa sangatlah orang nak check kerja sekolah anak macam what my late father did.

And pakli did.

And as a teacher I was worried and dismayed when pupils forget their homework. Or homework went HILANG cikgu.

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