Friday, April 23, 2010

the art of keeping cool


I was on my edge every now and then.

Edgy and agitated.

But on the outside  I may be calm and composed.

I had embraced the art of keeping cool.

How then was it possible?

First take a deep breath.Count one to three

Recite doa in your mind

Then run or walk away.

Running from possible flaming situation is also an art in itself.

Teach yourself whether  the situation could be settle amicably or by war of words and fists! Choose wisely.So the next time if your parking spot is taken is it worth to show your fist ?.


You could drive away or risk your car being stoned or you yourself be mugged.

Or you being tailed.

The choice is yours!

You won when you are able  to stay cool.You are a winner when you can prevent a war. I tell you.

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