Wednesday, March 17, 2010

makan free tapi berbayar

Coming back from the wedding,we stopped at Taman Koperasi.The house was charred and only a few belongings could be retrieved.My pity goes to the couple who were still young. The cause of the fire could still not be ascertained.

This is the second time that fire had razed houses in our vicinity.

The wedding attended today was a known friend of pak li. The bride was someone who I am sure familiar with. Then when she sang for her groom live,I know who she was. She was the singer who used to entertain when Jab Pel. Perlis had functions. Anyway,teringat kat M.Daud Kilau junior when we attended a Jitra wedding.

Tomorrow we are invited to the groom’s side. And he is a friend of Paen.

Entah entah dua tiga hari lagi Aten’s friend pula.


Pengantin sebijik macam Olin. Petite and cute. But tak hitam aih.

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