Monday, February 1, 2010

caca merba

This post was written way back but left in draft form far too long.


Really dont know what to pen off this time around. There’s too much stuff in my mind at the moment. Didnt I say that  an updated anti virus that could clear the mind is much applauded.If there’s any.

Well , without much ado, we packed into the x trail and made our way last Sunday morning. We, meaning  yours truly,pak li and aten.Off we set on our trail to Penang.

It was a breezy easy journey down lebuhraya utara selatan exiting at the bridge. Soon we reached bayan Lepas .Fetching the lonesome prince we drove to Queensbay Mall with my sole intention of buying some clothes for him. With the thaipusm holiday,the crowd at the mall was quite an ear. Shops after shops were scourged to find a decent pair of jeans. Entahlah tak pernah lagi la orang yang nak membeli patah hati dengan orang yang nak dibeli. Get it ?

Here’s the explanation.

Dah lah crowd ramai.Semua yang ditengok semua tak berkenan.tak cocok dengan design la, panjang sangat la.mahal sangat la.Lepas Gap,masuk top man .Lepas top man masuk Levis.

Ada la lebih sepuluh pintu kedai yang dijenguk. rasa-rasa kalau berjalan lurus dah sampai kl kut.Akhirnya yang dibeli hanya lah dua helai t-shirt. My mission to get him another pair of jeans was X-ed.

Last last the princess yang dapat jacket ala alaa michael jackson.Nak jadi janet kot . And at Borders I splurged on a 49 RM Encyclopedia of baking. Hurray got myself some stuff. Nak try la buat some of the cakes esp. the cheese cake yang teramatlah di sukai.

On our way back, the Tesco X-tra at Perai was our next pit stop.

Mula la missi membeli barang dapur. Dari beras ke pencuci lantai hingga ke ayam potong.Nak buat bihun sup la konon. Nak masak gulai udang lagi. Last last dek kaki yang terasa kesan banyak berjalan lauk palastik la juga untuk hari ini.Shelve dulu la plan nak masak sedap-sedap.

Kat Tesco I got myself a pair of shoes menggantikan the ones that pak li dah lenyek. My treasured shoes was shoved out of the car and met with its untimely demise under the wheels of pak li’s.

This morning after subuh ,i found myself falling asleep on the sofa . And the next thing is Dell trying to wake me up for his exit out .

Dell ni dah gendut sangat tapi asyik dok nak nenen lagi.Wei dell tak malu ke.

Since kak aten came back, dell is on with his aci lut.Cak.

Now I am into DH &H and Bio on astro.  CI pun boleh juga. Oprah is still my hero.Kat Borders terjumpa buku by ekhart apa entah .Nak beli takut pula kot kot banyak dia dok sermon ttg agama dia. Got to check later.

Ha ah, lepas dok tulis caca merba ni,rasa some calm pula.Yes,writing is also  therapeutic .Tapi jangan la dok tulis pasai orang nanti ada yang jelik. Bye.


Yes,writing is indeed my needed dose of painkiller.

seeing the world upside down

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