Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Take a little breath


Entering the buffet room of the hotel,we were greeted by the unwanted sight to behold.

Coffee and tea pots were near empty. The buffet tray were neatly arranged saved for the food.Cups and saucers were none.Most of the customers were putting up the not so seronok faces.

As usual I have the ritual of sabaring my spouse.

Oghang banyak ni

Budak budak ni baru dok training kot.

Sabaq la

I was always told to stand and say what I need to.But being brought up by mak who taught that empathy  and sabar are next to iman ,I seldom feel the need to fly off the handle at the slightest moment of being slighted.

My colleagues were always asking me how I could be cool when things are hot. My ex guru besar friends were at awe how I could get away at being in the hottest school without being scratched.How I could stand being un dignifiedly being told off in front of others in boardrooms and my face was still one cool composure. I could be boiling inside but cool is my approach.

Someone questioned whether I had taken any actions against people who are not performing in their task.

Was I  lackadaisical in my approach during my terms of administration.

I dont believe in belittling people to get the aura of you are one big smart power wielding exec.

My approach is coaching and I tried my best in bringing the best in people.

One of my teachers did a farewell speech that I will always treasure in my memory. Having words with him for his misadventures in the privy of my office out of hearing of others was too good for him.

A self made card which a teacher said was done not because of kedekutness but out of her love  was another treasure among the gifts that I received.

So what the heck is there to wait for a few minutes for you to be served!

Have a smile for the waitress cos there could be no one who smiled for them that day. Lebih lebih lagi bila makanan lambat sampai.Perut pula dok menyeringai. Aduhai.

So the next time if you feel like the top is ballooning off take a breather.

Agak-agak kes customer dapat ayak panaih instead of teh panas ,kes tak sabaq la kut. Naya kan!

Cant  help feeling the pain cos I had felt that too.parutnya pun masih ada.Seram dan menyakitkan.

image credit to woman.kapanlagi.com

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