Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the matter of the heart

Coming home from Penang,we made a detour to SP. A visit to the matriarch of the family is one thing I always look forward. Seeing her and hearing her was an antidote to the soul and heart.

My mak. One wonderful lady who always put other people’s interest way beyond her own needs and wants. One who chooses her words with care . I think I never meet another soul as kind as her.Loved by all and hated by none. This is mak in my eye ,her children,grandchildren and sons and daughters in laws.

My sister who I always had some reservations  for her outrightnesss was all a buzz about her impending daughter’s wedding. Her face was all aglow when relating her preparations for the event.

Yes . Her daughter’s wedding will be in a few months time and sewing the curtains was undertaken by mak and the maid.Sis had envisioned the frills to be made in the matrimonial chamber.

Oh sis,I hope what had happened to me and my daughter will never ever happened to any one of our loved ones. Could I ever forget the happiness when making all those preparations .Could I forget the happiness when the days were just full of anticipation of the big day.

The culprits were now beyond happy in their eternal bliss and they could shout it to the world to hear and see but remember this :

No amount of compensation could compensate the pain that you had wrought upon the sufferers.Remember the old mother whose heart and pride was made to suffer.Remember the old father whose tears had fallen.Remember the old frail grandparents who travelled 1000 km to see you.

And I always remembered those days …….when the ring that I wore was taken back.So I could fathom the pains my loved one has gone through.Cos I had tread the same path before.Could write a full anecdotes of the event as the recollections were as vivid as before.

But now azan is heard in the distance.Have to answer the call of the muezzin.

All in all I had only this to say:

Hari ini kita buat orang menangis ,entah esok entah lusa kita pula yang meraung.

So hindarkan diri dari menganiaya orang lain kerana balasan allah tidak kita ketahui bentuknya.

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