Sunday, December 13, 2009

When the angel comes a calling

The news these past days were full of tragedies and untimely death.

The Kuala Dipang bridge tragedy claimed 3 school girls.

The waterfall in Kampar took the lives of three young college students.

Not so long ago a family lost 4 children in an accident at a canal.

Yesterday the news screamed : Just married for 3 hours and Teh Afifah Syahirah is a widow.


Mohd Ariff Abd Kadir is 23 when fate took his life as well as his parents and a friend.

I squirmed at the pictures of their totally wrecked car . Batu 7  Jalan Padang Besar is a frequented road on our way for a shopping trip to Pdg Besar. We had timeless times made our way there especially when the children are home.

Looking at the pictures of the mother I think I must have met her somewhere.She seems  familiar.


Again today tragedy seems not coming to an end.

In a fiery death,a widow loses yet another 2 of her children.

Oh life could be so cruel sometimes.

To the bereaved families,I too felt the loses they had lost. My condolences to them in their times of sorrow.


Dont we too have our near misses.I do. Not once but many.

prev5 teh afifah.

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