Wednesday, December 2, 2009

just notyet


After the April 26 2008 incidents ,it takes a lot of courage for me to attend wedding invitations.I couldnt stand the proddings and the questionings of what had happened and why it happenend.

My tears could not be left unchecked even among the wedding crowd.

Well now even with a heavy heart ,I could attend weddings and engagements.I am not that easy to let my emotions be stirred.Questions asked could be answered straight to the face or cynically.

When asked :

Bila nak buat kenduri

or bila anak nak kahwin.

I have these to answer…….

Anak 2 saya pendek,gemok,hitam sapa la yang nak.

Ada calon ka?


Insyaalah next change.

Today,I attended a wedding.I cant help but pitied the parents of the couple.

The rice was half cooked and the curry was left to be desired.Quests were seen sniffing their plates of rice .A whiff of unsavory smell could be smelt. Many left their plates half way.

Puan …… sabar banyak ya.Ini pun dugaan.

Even without her partner to welcome the quests I could see the serenity on her face.

You are one true grit.I heart you.

thanks to paani

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