Monday, November 30, 2009

bowling ,meminang and eid


The short eid holiday was quite eventful . The first day being observed in Perlis. Thus the sembahyang raya ,makan makan and  maaf maafan.Out of the blue someone suggested a bowling spree!

So the whole Pak Saad and Tok Ma’s clan were seen having their feet and arms seroiusly put to test on the floor of Jitra mall bowling alleys.

The bowling balls were seen either going for strikes or masuk longkang much to the cheer of tok and mak long and  the underaged children.

The second day saw En. Ley’s clan leaving for SP in Kembara and X trail.

Leaving the children behind in SP we make way to Bandar Baharu 0n a mission ……..meminang anak dara orang!

Driving thru the meandering roads we arrived at the destination .Being a first timer at being the spokesperson for the groom side ,En.Lan rallied the help of his able bodied abang Ley.

So the two buddies managed through the whole ritual with flying colours.

When the anak dara came out we were practically bowled over.She’s such a beauty.

macam Ayu Raudhah mak teh exclaimed

Going out I told the groom’s mother to have the wedding as soon as possible . Manalah tau kut kut ada freakies yang tak boleh tengok tunang orang.

Anyway the groom is not a softie either. Being an Ir. I know he is a valued menantu to be.And I hope and wish the journey to building their dreams would be calm and beautiful.As beautiful as the bride.


To my nephew

selamat bertunang Ir. Fadzli.


Mak cik ada anak lain dak

saya pun tak kahwin lagi

I had a good laugh.

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