Wednesday, November 18, 2009

aku anak minang


I totally enjoyed following the series based on a comic by ujang on tv 2 every tuesday at 8.30.

though i’m no anak minang but my kedah blood do have traces of the minang blood by way of my great great grandpa.By now the blood may be thinner than water.

It was lovely to watch all the characters came alive from the pages of the comic which i adored during my younger days.

pity ujang for being the thorn in his mother’s eyes.Curses and punches were the rules his mother played.

Although i might be a disciplinarian ,i refrained from using curses and vulgar words to my children. mother’s words are akin to doa.So let the good doa guide your children.Let them hear the words sayang when you wake them up from their sleep.Let them hear the word pandai when you teach them.

I am a firm believer of your physical being is a gift of god but your mental being is something you could nurture. So right from young i made it be known that people deformity is not to be joked about ,whatever more to be made a laughing object. Even on characters on tv. So param will never be called names or shani for her size.So do S jibeng and many other not perfect people.I had this girl in class who had squints in her eyes and a boy who limped.And i remembered that they were among my favourite students. I have a niece who is spastic and she is my star.

I had this to explain;

Who wants to be born ugly,fat,squint in the eyes,handicapped.etc etc. Not me not you. So do the uglies,the fatties ,the jongangs.We might be the ratu dunia right this moment,but you could be badly deformed the next.Do you want that?

My children are not geniuses. But i am thankful that they all managed to go to u.I believe that children education should be the priority . So with our meagre salary we managed to see them thru schools and u. Their pa tutored them from primary school,making flash cards and alpahabets  for them to read their abc. Holidays are a no no even tho its only their monthly tests.

I am not bragging about how well my children turned out to be.I never have them in the same school as I was teaching for I want them to be independent.And Iam the most grateful parent to the teachers of Sk Seri Indera who had taught all my children.Well they were prefects,singers,actors ,musicians and sportsmen. And the highest accolade was when one of them received the anugerah tokoh pelajar competing with doctors,engineers and VVIP children.

Lastly i am a believer of :

What is not yours is not yours

and never ever fall for anybody’s husband,fiance or even bf.

never be a house wrecker or husband /fiance snatcher.

never ever believe in sob stories about the other guy’s spouse.

Do you get me girls and boy?

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